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A Strapless Bandage Dress For Different Occasions


Bandage dresses are quite trendy. They can comfortably be worn through the four seasons. A strapless bandage dress for summer evening can be worn during colder seasons with a warm fur coat thrown on top of it.


A bandage dress was created for the following main reasons:


1. Show off some curves


2. Show off even more curves


Every single lady who is eligible for going to a formal evening event on the red carpet, attending weddings, dinners or other events should own at least three strapless bandage dresses. A strapless bandage dress comes with mind-blowing possibilities. They come in different colors, sizes, and lengths. For instance, for a night out with the girls, an above the knee type of dress will do. For dinner with the family or a formal event, the slightly below the knee type will work perfectly.



The color choice might vary for different reasons. For example, a favorite color might be the determining factor. However, other factors should be put into consideration too while choosing the best color for a dress. Ask yourself this. What color compliments my skin tone best? Does this color make my eyes pop? Which kind event am I preparing for? Finding the correct answers to these questions will go a long way in helping you choose the right color for both you and the occasion.


The number and kind of accessories worn with a strapless bandage dress vary all the time. A neckpiece as an accessory should be an investment. You can choose to wear a chunky neck piece for a night out, paired with a chunky bracelet and a pair of shiny earrings. This gives a fun impression. This may also give you a lot of attention. Keeping the number and size of accessories on the minimum is recommended on formal occasions.


The shoes to be worn, the type of bag to be carried, the hairstyle and the amount of makeup should all complement the dress and the event attended. Use the oldest method in the book to find the perfect outfit if all else fails. That is the trial and error method. Go ahead and troubleshoot!


Put on your favorite strapless bandage dress and try on at least five pairs of shoes in your closet that are likely to look good together with the dress. Do the same for bags and accessories. You will get more than one great result. Plus, it is so much fun!




Fun Facts And Interesting Information About The Sea


The term “the sea” is used for denoting the largest and most complex and at the same time the most mysterious, least known eco-systems on Earth. Making up more than 70% percent of the Earth's surface, seas are certainly the vastest territories for scientists to explore, so there are a lot of amazing discoveries to be made when it comes to the life of marine environments, but a lot has been discovered already.


So here on thesea.org is our short list of the most interesting, little known facts about the sea:


- as much as 94% of life on Earth is to be found in marine habitats, which means that land-dwellers represent only an almost insignificant minority of all living creatures. 80% of the pollution that affects seas and oceans comes from us, land-dwellers;


- so far we have explored only about 5% of the world's seas, which means that we have more information about other planets such as the Mars than we have about seas;


- you would think the largest mountain range on Earth is the Andes, but no - it may be the largest range above the sea, but the record goes to the 35,000-mile long Mid-Oceanic Ridge running across the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and into the Pacific;


- marine transport is still the most widely used means of getting goods from one place to the other over long distances – more than 90% of all cargo is transported by sea;


- tropical coral reefs are among the largest formations on Earth, bordering the shores of 109 countries, with more than 90% of all marine species being in one way or another dependent on these reefs;


- one of the most dangerous effects of climate change and global warming is the rise of sea levels – in the past 100 years, sea levels have risen about 20 cm on the average;


- marine life is a fascinating and colorful world, with a lot of wonderful creatures capable of amazing things:


* oysters can change from being male to being female and back again, depending on the gender composition of their colony;

* lobsters can live to be really old – 50-year old specimen are not rare;

* the ocean sunfish produces more than 5,000,000 eggs at a time;

* fish grow their entire life – the older the fish, the larger;

* the blood of lobsters is blue.



These are only a few fun facts about the sea – there are plenty more things for you to discover!




How To Find A Good Background Check Company


The phrase `background check’ is sometimes uttered in business and life in general, but what does it involve and why are they necessary?


Put simply, a background check is a way for individuals or companies to gather data on another person in a handy report that will contain relevant details on personal data, financial matters and much more. This process of detail discovery enables them to ensure that the information they are being given by this person are correct.


The biggest challenge is not doing a background check, but finding a good background investigation company. However, there are many reliable online services that provide very accurate results nowadays.


Why Do People Want Background Checks Performed?


The majority of companies will carry out a background check on applicants before hiring. Requesting a background check of someone applying for a job is not an indication that an employer feels they are being lied to. It is simply there as a measure to safeguard them from harm. For example, in some sectors, such as finance and health care, background checks are mandatory.

In many cases background checks are ordered by individuals who wish to know more about other people. In this instance common reasons include, searching for a long-lost relative or friend, choosing a roommate and even finding out more about your child’s babysitter.


Different Types Of Background Checks


Specific checks can also be carried out to suit the situation and requirements of those ordering it in order to verify answers. This can vary from receiving details on a persons criminal past, work history, education and credit checks, to name but a few. Also pertinent to employers may be the ability to find out more information on whether the individual has ever been sanctioned at work, driving records and drug test records.


The Source Of Information


That’s a lot of data, but where does it all come from? Well, it’s from a wide range really. Criminal records are usually public record, while previous employment or education claims can be substantiated by ringing to discuss the names of people and places listed on a resume. Additionally, credit reports and social media accounts are also a rich source of material.


What Is Included On A Background Check


This is something that is dependent on what type of investigation you’ve requested and who the person is that is carrying it out. Typically though, basic data such as names, addresses, birth dates will be included. After that you will get more specific details, for example criminal and court records or facts on any property they own. You can also ask extra material to be incorporated in the report including specific educational, financial and employment facts.



Ordering A Background Check


A lot of information included in background checks is available for you to find by yourselves. Looking through the public records, performing Internet searches and even social media are all excellent sources of info, with most of it either fee or costing a small amount. However, this can all be very time-consuming and frustrating which is where letting professionals handle it can be a wise move for your time and your stress levels.